Our Team

Dr. Sunny Satin


Dr. Sunny Satin was a founder and a director of CHI. Based on over 30 years of worldwide travel. Dr. Sunny Satin realized that the highly effective techniques of Hypnotherapy were not being taught or used in many countries. He spread these teachings in Asia, South America and Europe, so that people could benefit extensively with a drug-less therapy that utilizes the full power of the client’s mind to heal the client or solve his/her problems. He founded   the first and only school of Hypnotherapy in India.

Dr. Sunny Satin had an extensive scientific background, yet he  had made all CHI courses so simple, and devoid of any technical  terms so that literally anyone can learn this highly effective therapy.  CHI students include Allopathic doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Alternative Healers, Corporate Executive, Engineers, Dentists, Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, Flight Attendants, Teachers, Housewives, and many more. Anyone with a real desire for healing can make a good Hypnotherapist.

The powerful wisdom and words of Dr. Sunny Satin continue not only through his students but are also available for everybody to access in his book ”Incredibly Believable”.  His book was completed  just 4 days before he ascended  to the higher planes.

Dr. Ann Satin


“As a world teacher and healer, I know first hand the importance and effectiveness of Hypnotherapy.  I have  taught various classes on the subject in numerous countries, and have repeatedly seen Hypnotherapy gives strength, hope, and awareness to those who experience it.  There is no doubt in my mind that this healing modality needs to be shared far and wide so that mankind can ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

CHI is comprised of professionals with all kinds of backgrounds and when we come together we are able to form a brilliant and dynamic energy.  When we work cooperatively to initiate action and understanding, we are able to spread the CHI principals at an accelerated pace and in an exciting manner!

Join us.  You, too, can be part of this healing modality in this new era.”

Ann Satin is the director of the California Hypnosis Institute, which was founded by her late husband, Dr. Sunny Satin.  Ann continues his mission on earth while teaching and speaking around the world on various subjects relating to healing of the mind. Modalities include Hypnotherapy, Crystals Therapy, Energy Healing and other advanced techniques.

Ann is a Hypnotherapist, Past-life Therapist, Spiritual Therapist and a Crystal Therapist. She has practices in the USA, Thailand and India.  She is a board member of the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies, Inc. (IARRT) and the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy (IACH) as the President of the International Division.

Ann is also a board member of the World Healer Institute (WHI) and is actively involved in the World Healer program which helps to raise the collective consciousness of mankind so that humanity will transition through the 2012 earth changes without difficulty.  She vows to do her best to make the world a better place by spreading and practicing “love and oneness”.

Dr. Nitin Shukla


Dr. Nitin Shukla, MBBS and MD in Psychiatry (Doctor of Medicine) and then a FRANZCP (Fellow of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists) in Psychiatry, which has been the stepping stone for a deeper scientific and medical understanding of how our brain and body work. Extensive training and practice of Psychotherapies in India and now in Australia, addressing both the conscious mind as well as the unconscious

Over more than a decade of experience, I have conducted process oriented trainings in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Clinical Hypnotherapy for public and academic groups, including departments of Psychology and Psychiatry in several colleges, hospitals and universities around India, and more recently in Australia.

Nitin Shukla

He has also conducted objective oriented trainings at a national level for corporate groups in the telecom sector, human resource companies and ICICI Prudential. These include training to understand the functioning of the unconscious, enhancing influential capability and managing the internal environment of a person.

Dr. Yogesh Choudhary

Executive Board Advisor

Dr. Yogesh Choudhary was instrumental in bringing California Hypnosis Institute courses in India and has been practicing and helping people through hypnotherapy since then. He has also designed the “Training program for teachers” and conducts these for experienced Hypnotherapists.

Yogesh is an experienced practitioner in Clinical hypnotherapy, Life Between Life therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Spiritual Hypnosis and Crystal therapy. He is a Reiki Grandmaster with training in Psychic Surgery. He also uses other methods of healing like Hypno-Reiki, Crystal Therapy under hypnosis and Theta Healing.

Yogesh has a passion for helping people and has brought into his hypnotherapy practise about 45 years of experience in corporate management, management consultancy, personal counselling and also his experience as a Homeopath (40 yrs).

Researching in Hypnotherapy, he developed a unique technique for treating body organs using regression technique, while a client is under hypnotic trance, and read a paper titled “Therapeutic Intervention of Regression: Diagnosing and Treating body Organs in Physical Illnesses” at the second WORLD CONGRESS on REGRESSION THERAPY HELD IN INDIA NEW DELHI IN 2006.